Every time I see an exclamation mark in a press release it always translates to me as “We are trying to convince you to be excited about this lackluster idea of questionable value.”


I have to admit, I like this song by Ke$ha.  I more or less hate everything about her, from the smeared black wannabe-Gaga makeup to the dollar sign in her name to the fact that her lyrics celebrate her whorishness to the fact that she used a cutesy misspelling of her song title, but the fact that this song is incredibly catchy overrides that.

Or it would, if not for the following lyric:

And now the dudes are lining up because they hear we got swagger

But we kick them to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger? Seriously?  The washed up rock star who was born in 1943?  The guy who has abused so many substances that his skin looks like leather?

This Mick Jagger?

That’s just the most glaringly obvious sign that this young blonde party kid didn’t write these lyrics.

Added to other passe dated references like P. Diddy, crunk, and po-po, the last of which I haven’t heard anyone use since the late 90’s, and the song just becomes an example of trying too hard.

Whichever middle aged RCA employee wrote these awful lyrics really should be fired.  They’re just lucky the beat makes up for it.