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…looks stunning. Definitely my favorite Taylor – visually and musically. Advertisements

You used to be so pretty.  Now your lipstick isn’t even applied straight.

This isn’t going to be a post about weight and Hollywood, it’s going to be a post about dressing for your weight. Look at the first two pictures of Gabby Sidibe.  Quite frankly, she looks awful.  The bright fuchsia satin should not be worn by anyone who has any excess fat – satin makes you […]

I just ordered a purse off of Amazon. Normally I wouldn’t feel any guilt about buying a new purse but I won’t be working for awhile and I just bought a Kooba hobo a month ago, so buying another hobo bag right away just seems too much. So why did I buy it? The leather. […]



If you type “illuminati” backwards into your browser and add a dot com to it – in other words if you go to – it takes you to… Oh I’m not telling. Just click it and see for yourself.

Microsoft instigated an antitrust suit against Google basically complaining that since everyone uses Google search and nobody uses their new Bing search engine, Bing is always going to suck compared to Google. I’ll let the irony sink in there – Microsoft. Is filing. An antitrust suit. I really hope that Google strikes back by making […]

Apparently a lot of feminists are upset about how women are portrayed in Hollywood. They think that women in chick flicks are only interested in losing weight and finding a man.  And that this is Hollywood’s fault, not a reflection of society.  Or rather, this is men in Hollywood’s fault. But according to Melissa Silverstein, […]