Searching for my lilac Treesje bag.


Treesje Dakota in lilac leather

I just ordered a purse off of Amazon. Normally I wouldn’t feel any guilt about buying a new purse but I won’t be working for awhile and I just bought a Kooba hobo a month ago, so buying another hobo bag right away just seems too much.

So why did I buy it? The leather.

I ordered a Treesje bag last year and with it I got a small makeup bag made with this divine lilac-grey leather.  Beautiful color, nice and soft and smooshy, I fell in love with this leather.  Then while browsing the Treesje website last month, I found the cutest clutch – the Harper – in that lovely lilac leather.  So of course I ordered it.  About a week and a half later I got an email from Treesje’s customer service saying the bag was actually out of stock. My heart fell…it was such a cute little clutch and it would go great with my style.

Alas. But I wasn’t ready to give up on getting a bag in that color.  It soon reached obsessive levels and I knew I had to act quickly before the Treesje lilac leather was gone for good.

There are now only 3 bags left that are available online in this gorgeous leather – the first is the Bel-Air, which is a long east-west satchel. Satchels aren’t really my style, and this one is just too long for my tastes, I can’t imagine it would be comfortable to wear on the shoulder.  Next is the Skylar, which is from the same collection as the Harper (same hexagonal appliques) but it looks a bit deformed – it’s a big round bag with tiny handles. Very trendy but not my style.

The Harper I loved and lost

Finally there is the Dakota.  Also from the same collection as the Harper and Skylar, it’s a cute hobo with a row of gunmetal horizontal plaques.  I like it.  It’s cute, the only thing I would change is the strap (a wide leather strap would look better, where the strap attaches to the bag looks a bit incongruous) and most importantly it’s made with my dream leather.  I really don’t know how to stress how much I love this leather.

So I’m pretty excited.  I’m also scared that I’ll get an email from Amazon saying they’re out of stock (I doubt it, since an out of stock message went up straightaway after I placed my order) or that the bag will be in some way defective and I’ll miss out on this beautiful lilac leather.  Either way though I’m going to keep hunting Ebay for that elusive lilac Harper.


2 Responses to “Searching for my lilac Treesje bag.”

  1. Just saw your post on tPF about loving the Kooba Chase. Just wanted to say that I am so happy you like it!
    Also, just saw this blog post. I have the same bag on my site but in the bigger Skylar version!
    I am looking at it right now and it is GORGEOUS.

  2. Hello there, I could not see a way to contact you, and so I really hope that you see this comment. I have a website about leather purses, and thought you would like to exchange links with me. I have submitted my contact address in case you would like to get in touch. Thanks.

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