Microsoft: An antitrust suit won’t make people use your worthless product


Microsoft instigated an antitrust suit against Google basically complaining that since everyone uses Google search and nobody uses their new Bing search engine, Bing is always going to suck compared to Google.

I’ll let the irony sink in there – Microsoft. Is filing. An antitrust suit.

I really hope that Google strikes back by making an awesome OS that totally makes Bill Gates irrelevant.  I never really hated Bill Gates until I heard my husband rant about him, and then a quick bit of research shows how scummy the guy really is.

Anyway Bill, your new search engine? Sucks.  Case in point – I “binged” the phrase ‘why does bing suck’ (sans quotes) and the #5 site was a Yahoo Answers question about beating the game Halo 3, while the #6 site was another Yahoo Answers question – “Why does it suck being gay?”

I then googled the same search terms and got a front page full of sites answering exactly that. Including a video.  Which I didn’t watch, but it appears that Microsoft’s new “decision engine” has decided that when I want to know why their product is complete fail, what I really mean to ask is why it is so bad to be gay. Which it isn’t. Double fail, Bill.


3 Responses to “Microsoft: An antitrust suit won’t make people use your worthless product”

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